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From September 24, 2008 - Edmonton Journal

Review: Royal Winnipeg Ballet's Peter Pan

"Jo-Ann Sundermeier's spritely Tinker Bell steals the show. The elfin ballerina seems born to dance the spunky role; bringing Tink's simmering jealous temper to a boil with the shaking fists and stomping feet of a petulant two-year-old and tackling the trickier turns in the choreography with fierce abandon."

From Winnipeg Free Press, 2008

Jo-Ann Sundermeier also deserves kudos for her solo work here." (All Balanchine!)

RWB is currently showing an impressive depth of talent. In particular, there's emerging sparkle and poise among the women, such as Jo-ann Sundermeier (the Fairy of Diamonds)..."


From October 1997 -  Dancer (America's Dancer Newspaper) Page 80

Young Ballerina Dancing to her Dream

Jo-Ann Sundermeier admits she might be just a little nervous entering high school this September in Winnipeg, Canada. "Especially since I will leave behind the one that made me what I am today, Liana Navarro, and also my family, friends,  and all the sponsors who supported me through the years." But ask the young dancer if she was nervous entertaining a crowd for the past six years and she will just smile and say "No."

"It was really fun," says the 14-year-old honor student who recently graduated from Crystal Lake Community Middle School in Pompano Beach.

"What a loss to Florida schools," said one of her teachers, Mrs. Santy.

Sundermeier is already an accomplished ballerina. She started lessons at age 5 at the Dance Academy of Deerfield Beach. She did all kinds of dancing, but she loves ballet the best. "I like the music and I liked dancing with the older kids." she says.

In 1990, her talent impressed Mrs. Liana Navarro, the Co-Director of the Vivian Tobio School of Ballet in Coral Gables, Florida, who then began to coach Jo-Ann and made her part of "Liana Navarro's Selected Workshop." "Jo-Ann is a very talented and graceful dancer," Navarro says. "Seldom in my Teaching experience have I encountered such a complete student.  Jo-Ann also studied with Vivian Tobio on full scholarship for the past 4 years. "I see a star: and I am letting her go," Tobio says with tears.

Earlier this year, Jo-Ann auditioned for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School's summer program, held at the University of Manitoba in Canada. During the five-week program, she auditioned again, but this time for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Professional division. She was only "a little nervous then too."

Everyone was pleased to find out that she was recently accepted to join the R.W.B., where she will further her ballet training.

Congratulations Jo-Ann, you will be missed.  As one door closes in your life, a new one opens before you. Pause briefly at this threshold and know that what you are leaving behind is fore the best... Approach this new door with great confidence in your heart, for you have so much to offer. Open each new door with trust, holding your hopes and dream very near... Knowing that the world is waiting for the goodness and the love you carry with you. We love you.


From February 1994 -  Dancer (America's Dancer Newspaper) Page 22

This is the story of a 10-year-old ballet dancer by the name of Jo-Ann Sundermeier who will grow up in a few years to be a prima ballerina. Jo-Ann started at 5 years of age. She was a member of the Dance Academy of Deerfield Beach. This young girl had no time to play as other youngsters normally do because she chose to be a dancer.

Margo Fonteyn is her heroine and she [Jo-Ann] dreams of one day dancing as she did. Although ballet is her task master, she is an honor student at Deerfield Park Elementary School of Performing Arts which she attends, majoring in dance and drama.

June Taylor, the choreographer for "The Jackie Gleason Show," was looking for a new talent to perform at a benefit show for UNICEF called "Children of the World" with Audrey Hepburn and Lisa Minnelli. Jo-Ann was one of the children chosen to dance. Jo-Ann was again invited by June Taylor to dance in a special program on July 4th, 1991 at Joe Robbie Stadium.

Liana Navarro, co-director of Vivian Tobio School of Ballet, saw the performance and auditioned Jo-Ann that night. Since then she has become Jo-Ann's coach.

Jo-Ann has been in Liana's selected workshop since 1991.The group was invited early in 1993 Ms. Dancer Scholarship Pageant to perform as special guests. Later during the year, The dance group competed in Star Power '93 regional competition in Miami and in the Orlando national competition. They took first place in both events, and successfully took first place in the Battle of the Stars with an overwhelming perfect score!

Jo-Ann has been a pupil for two years with Magda Aunon, and a member of the Fort Lauderdale Ballet Classique.

Best Wishes Jo-Ann! We know you will achieve your goal and will become a great success.

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